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What is Media Blasting?

Media BlastingĀ is a process specifically designed for surface cleaning a variety of medians. However, the media used in the process varies greatly depending on the desired results. To illustrate, below is a list of the media, with a brief description of their applications.

Media Chart

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide, is extremely sharp and long-lasting. Ideal for etching and profiling. Varying from very coarse to extra fine. It is 8-9 Mohs hardness and angular shaped. Consequently, it can be used at high speed.

Glass Beads

Glass Beads are ideal to produce a smooth and bright finish. Varying from coarse to very fine round 5-6 Mohs. Consequently, it offers a no etch satin finish. The beads can be used at medium to fast machining.

Crushed Glass Grit

Crushed Glass Grit is an aggressive grit. Ideal for surface profiling, removal of surface contaminates. Generally, the media varies from coarse to extra fine. With 5-6 Mohs in hardness. It is angular shape, with a medium to high etch. Suitable to be used at fast speed.


Garnet is an industrial gemstone mineral. Thus best used for coating adhesion or where grit transfer is needed. The media is very coarse to fine at 7-8 Mohs. Its shape varies but has a high etch and is suitable to be used in high-speed cabinets.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide is a hard aggressive cutting media. Best used on hard surfaces. It can be very coarse to extra fine, with a 9-9.5 Mohs. The media angular in shape and has a very high etch, suitable for very fast cabinets.

Plastic Abrasive

Plastic Abrasive is a soft media, best used for coatings and paint. Ideal for automotive and aerospace applications. It is a very coarse media, at 3-4 Mohs. With no etch stripping and is angular in shape.


Pumice is a light and natural mineral. Used as a mild abrasive where surface protection is necessary. It can be very coarse to very fine. Varying in shape, with a 6-7 Mohs. Suitable for low etching on a medium to slow speed.

Steel Shot

Steel Shot are a carbon steel balls. Perfect for polishing and smoothing surfaces. Thus, it is medium to ultra fine at 40-51 HRC. Spherical in shape, therefore causing no etching. Suitable for medium machining.

Steel Grit

Steel Grit is an angular shaped, carbon steel media. Suitable for aggressive cleaning and fast stripping. It can be very coarse to medium at 40-65 HRC. Therefore, it can be used a medium to fast speed within the cabinet.