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Vapour Honing

Vapour Honing is the same process as wet blasting and vapour blasting. It is ideal for all types of materials, metallic and non-metallic. Perfect for use on new components or refurbishment of any type of machinery. The process has numerous functions for example:-

  • The abrasive nature of the cleaning means the part is scrubbed clean by default. Without the need for chemicals.
  • The process cleans and finishes. Therefore, there is no need to repaint the item afterwards. Unless desired.

Some examples of materials that work well with vapour honing are:-

  • aluminium,
  • titanium,
  • copper,
  • bronze,
  • and brass.

VapourMax Vapour Blast Cabinet. Is the ultimate semi-professional machine. For this purpose, we have designed one perfect model. Specifically designed to be purchased self-assembly or pre-assembled dependent on budget.

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