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Vapour Blasting Cabinets

Vapour Blasting Cabinets, designed for cleaning engine components and other objects. The process has numerous functions. For example:-

  • The abrasive nature of the cleaning means 100% of the grime, rust and contaminants are removed.  
  • The clean and finish, are to an impeccably high standard.
  • The process is dust free, as the particles are collected inside the cabinet.

Some examples of materials that work well are:-

  • aluminium.
  • titanium.
  • copper.
  • bronze.
  • and brass.

VapourMax the ultimate semi professional machine. For this purpose, we have designed one perfect model. Suitable for professional and hobbyists alike.

The Vapour Blasting Cabinet, is a non-destructive way to clean. The process involves gently polishing the surface leaving a satin finish. The VapourMax, is specifically designed for hobbyist and professional alike. Manufactured in-house by Hydrotherm.

The machine includes: –

  • Large work area 750mm x 750mm x 750mm. 
  • The machines run from a standard 13 amp single phase socket.
  • All machines require between 10-20CFM of air supply to operate effectively.
  • 1.0mm Stainless Steel construction.
  • Welded Water Sump for ease of use.
  • Standard 750w / 1.5HP slurry pump.
  • Powerful full width IP67 LED work light.
  • 10-15 CFM air requirement.
  • 240v single phase 13 amp supply.
  • Foot pedal activated.
  • Easy to open large aperture door with pro spec latch.
  • Supplied in a tough wooden case.

In summary the VapourMax, is ultimate semi professional Wet Blasting machine.  

Furthermore, check out a quick video we did showing how powerfully the base model is removing paint on YouTube

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