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Surface Treatment – Before And After Vapour Blasting.

Surface treatment – before and after using a vapour blast cabinet.

Surface Treatment is the same as, Wet Blasting, Media Blasting, Vapour Honing and Vapour blasting. The process is ideal for all types of materials, metallic and non-metallic. Perfect for use on new components or refurbishment of any type of machinery.

The treatment processes, in summary, can be employed to:

  • improve appearance.
  • adhesion.
  • corrosion resistance.
  • tarnish resistance.
  • chemical resistance.
  • wear resistance.
  • remove burrs.
  • and other surface flaws, and control the surface friction.

For example some of the materials that work well with vapour blasting are:- aluminium, titanium, copper, bronze, and brass.

Therefore this process fits perfectly for motor vehicle restoration. Along with aviation restoration and other applications, where cleaning without the use of chemicals is required.

VapourMax Vapour Blast Cabinet. Is the ultimate semi-professional machine. From a work top, 7.5 or 15 litre machine are available to purchase in our shop. Specifically designed to be purchased self-assembly or pre-assembled dependent on budget. The before and after results will impress the keen restorer. Watch our youtube video to see the VapourMax cabinet in action.

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